No Fly List‬, ‪Ministry of Civil Aviation‬, ‪India‬, ‪Ashok Gajapathi Raju‬, ‪Ravindra Gaikwad‬‬

No Fly List‬, ‪Ministry of Civil Aviation‬, ‪India‬, ‪Ashok Gajapathi Raju‬, ‪Ravindra Gaikwad‬‬
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‪India No Fly List

Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad hit up an Air India staffer by his slippers earlier the year. This point to all internal airlines hastily barring him of traveling, in a moon when he had to repeatedly travel to Delhi to accompany Parliament. He was permitted back aboard barely after a weak excuse to the Minister of Civil Aviation. Therefore will the aam aadmi, who may offend in a related fashion while on board, be granted back after a poor plea?

Gaikwad’s actions, which were subsequently followed by another honorable MP on a private nonskid, have promoted the state to soon reach out with a national no-fly list. What could get you on this roll of shame? Linguistic and or physical abuse, inapt touching while on board besides, of course, destruction of the aircraft or other deeds of violence. Will a poor apology set the record right? No, not at all.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation on Friday revealed the no-fly list criteria, applicable quickly. Anyone who humors in inappropriate practice while on board an aircraft – also if the aircraft is yet on ground – could get himself/ herself offensive of the new law. Reckless action has been described in three levels:

  • Level 1: Unruly behavior (spoken)
  • Level 2: Physical form
  • Level 3: Life-threatening way

The shuttle on whose aircraft the misdemeanor has been charged and whose airman-in-command has told the violation can bar such a tourist for three moons for Level 1 form, up to 6 months for Level 2 but the prohibition on flying could increase to a tiniest 2 years for a Level 3 assault. There is none upper end for this level of misconduct, which indicates technically, a character humoring in such manner could be excluded for life. Not only from the airline wherever he may have performed the transgression but also conceivably all other airlines – since shuttles will henceforth be giving data on abandoned flyers. But this depends on specific individual airline – it is plausible that a rider thought unruly by a person is left on board by another as airlines are not mandated to obey the no-fly list recommended by each other.

The method for recognizing an unlicensed flyer for more action starts with the concerned airline fixing up an inner committee including a retired district and assemblies judge as director.


This council will have agents from other airlines as divisions, besides delegates from passengers communities etc. Any charge of violent behavior will be reviewed by this committee, for a judgment within 30 days. Until so time, the patron may remain shut from flying that singular airline. But if the organization fails to take a settlement in 30 days, the customer will be loose to fly over.

Remember, there is now a separate negative-fly list of personages who have been pointed out by India’s security agencies as likely security threats and such characters are already excluded from experience from boarding a homemade flight. The current no-fly list requirements will appeal to all domestic airlines as well as international airlines running to and from India, but in the latter case will be controlled by the Tokyo Convention.