The Suicide Game ” Blue Whale”

The Suicide Game " Blue Whale"
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Police are perpetually said to be life savers and hang on crooks but this time It’s not about criminal because the prey it self-having the both role.

Cops in Russia is investigating a haste of immature suicide attempts amid suspicions that they may have been manipulated by evil social media groups.

District media have indicated findings that imply such attempts are connected to a cryptic online phenomenon called “Blue Whale” — a game that avowedly asks teens to perform tasks that force self-harm, like cutting themselves and shaping figures into their skin.

Teens finish tasks like hitting themselves in the build-up to them being ordered to kill themselves on day 50 of being involved in the play. Yes, you read it correctly, Players are violated to suicide with the ending task.

It appears like inoffensive fun but following inquiries into the game in Russia, the game was discovered to be behind a huge number of teen self-destruction.

According to releases, those who took their lives had performed smaller hurdles in the ‘game’ over the 50 dates and by the result of it, were elated to try to ‘win the game’ by hanging themselves.

One dad whose girl Diana Kuznetsova, 16, came to her death from the roof of a nine-story building in Ryazan, Including two Academy girls came to their ends from a building on the weekend provoking fears they were manipulated into doing it by games directors behind a rage called Blue Whale.

Another one of the prey dropped a note stating ‘End’ on her social Folio and previous she had posted an image of her with a big blue whale, observed as a symbol of a group media campaign forcing youngsters to grasp their own lives.
Her fellow wrote: ‘Mind is lost… End.’

She constantly posted anxious messages such as, ‘Do you believe that gradually you grow useless?’ or ‘I’m now a ghost’.

Statements show a potentially deadly social media game, which has been linked to 130 teen graves in Russia, is constraining its approach to the UK, pointing to schools resulting warnings to parents.

Let’s spread this message as soon as possible to save the life of numerous teenagers.